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  • Tanisha Jengehino
    I have 2 Chi mixes and to be honest, they are HORRIBLE when they get their nails done. The last lady that did them was bleeding by the time she finished (literally). We had been completely stressed out to take them to get their nails done again. But they were SO long. My husband messaged Doggie Do'little and was told they can handle them. So even though we were nervous, we brought them in. The minute we walked in, the groomers were so kind and our dogs seemed immediately at ease. We told them that our one boy should probably be muzzled because he bites when he's scared. They took them back and WITHOUT being muzzled, they did their nails and both boys were CALM! It was like watching a miracle!!!! They finished in 5 mins and both boys came out with tails wagging! It was incredible! I cannot say enough good things about this experience! And their nails were buffed so nicely and short! They don't tap around the house anymore! I will recommend Doggie Do'little to EVERYONE!!! Thank you so much for making this so much less stressful for our whole family!
    Tanisha Jengehino
  • Devon Carney
    I have a senior dog with physical issues. The people at Doggie Dolitte are wonderful with her! They have ramps up to their tubs! No one and I mean NO ONE in York area offers this! Which blows my mind! Doggie Dolittle caters to disabled dogs and I love them for it! They groomed her at her own pace. Let her take breaks. They are the gold standard of dog grooming!
    Devon Carney