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April 20, 2018
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There is nothing worse than a pet with diarrhea. As a human you can certainly relate but for your four-legged friend it is especially tough. They may not be able to do their business in the appropriate place leaving you with a mess to clean up. Obviously with any illness proper veterinary care should be first and foremost but there are some natural remedies that can help you pet and knowing what works can make your four-legged companion’s bout go much smoother.

Primary Causes

Diarrhea can develop suddenly and with little to no warning and it can develop in otherwise healthy animals. It is mostly caused by a change in diet, stress or a viral, bacteriological or parasitic infection. Diarrhea can be a chronic problem as well and can be caused by food allergies, stress, parasites, infections or disease. In many cases it is accompanied by vomiting, the loss of appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain and lethargy.

As with any malady consult your veterinarian before embarking on a treatment. Since every pet is unique they will be the best people to determine the proper course of action as well as what to look for. Your pet’s diarrhea can tell them a lot like its frequency, if there is blood in it, how watery it is or its color and consistency.


The good news is that few instances of diarrhea are life threatening and in some cases some simple natural remedies may help it pass without medication. In most cases the worst is over within 24 hours. During the that time it is a good idea to pick up all food if the animal is vomiting and just give them water in small quantities, like ice cubes. Dehydration can be just as dangerous so if your pet has no inclination to drink water it can be flavored using something like chicken or beef broth.

Remedies for Dogs

Dogs can be fed a small meal of boiled white meat (chicken or turkey) and white rice if they have not vomited within six hours. Scrambled eggs, cottage cheese or potato skins can also work as well. These foods are plain and if the diarrhea is resulting from their digestive system this can help while still giving them the protein that is needed. If this meal is not vomited up within two hours they can be offered another small meal of the same ingredients and continue this for several days until their stool returns to normal (solid and chocolate brown in color) when you can start to reintroduce their normal foods. To help replenish electrolytes Gatorade can be given to them as well.

Chia or flax seeds can be sprinkled on your dog’s food. They help to absorb water while coating the lining of the stomach helping to ease inflammation of the digestive tract. Another option is pumpkin puree. In some cases natural medicines like a probiotic can work as well and  some even work with puppies. Dogs can also be given Pepto Bismol in small doses.

Remedies for Cats

For cats in most cases diarrhea clears itself up. Usually it is a result of eating something that does not agree with them and there is very little reason to worry. Ask yourself if your pointed-eared friend was rummaging through the garbage, ate people food, drank expired milk or ate something new. If the answer is yes, that is probably why they have diarrhea and you can just let it run its course.

If a new food was introduced it may be best to stop feeding them that food. Artificial ingredients make their digestive systems work harder and they may not agree with them. A more natural food or a food with higher quality ingredients will be better for them. Cats can also be fed a temporary diet of white meat and rice, though many cats will not want to eat rice. Mashed potatoes can be substituted or a rice-based cat food can be purchased as well. A laxative can be added to the food as well, though as with everything consult with your veterinarian before doing so. It is also possible that nothing else is needed other than relaxation and maybe a little bit of exercise and your cat will be back to normal.


If a case of diarrhea lasts for more than 24 hours or seems to get worse contact your veterinarian immediately. Natural remedies can help but they will not be able to treat every case. If a change in diet is necessary check out Doggie DoLittle and the high quality pet foods that we offer. In many cases the quality or quantity of an ingredient in a food can make a big difference and the better the quality the better the food is for your pet. We stock some of the finest pet foods on the market so check it out. After a bout of diarrhea a good grooming session might be just what your pet needs to get back to their old selves and you can take the opportunity to see what we offer.




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